Domestic Violence FAQ's

Is there emergency help available to me?

If you need immediate assistance to protect you from an abuser, contact your local law enforcement agency.

The number for the Florida Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-500-1119.

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What is a Permanent Injunction?

A Permanent Injunction is an order entered by the court granting the relief as determined to be necessary for the protection of the victim(s) of domestic violence.

The permanent Injunction for Protection is ordered following a court's review of the situation and can be valid for as long as the Judge deems necessary, even permanently.

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How do I file for an Injunction For Protection?

You must appear in person at the Family Civil Department of the Clerk's Office to file for an Injunction for Protection. The staff will assist you in completing the necessary paperwork to petition the court for an Injunction for Protection.

A Temporary Injunction for Protection will be entered if the court determines you need protection until you can be brought before the court for a hearing. The purpose of this hearing is to allow the court to review your situation and determine if a Permanent Injunction is necessary.

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What do I do if the Injunction For Protection is violated?
Call law enforcement, emergency 911 or non-emergency 732-9111. The petitioner may contact the Clerk's Office in the county in which the violation is alleged to have occurred if there is no arrest. The clerk will assist the petitioner in the preparation of an affidavit in support of the violation. Return to Top