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Official Records View - Information

Official Records View is a subscription service offered by Rachel M. Sadoff, Brevard County Clerk of Courts, which will allow subscribers access to the Official Records images of the following restricted case categories pursuant to F.S. 28.2221(5) (a): DR (Domestic Relations/Family), CP (Civil Probate), GA (Guardianship), and CJ (Juvenile Restitution).

If you do not desire or need access to Official Records View, but simply wish to access images authorized by statute on a public website you can do so using the OnCore Online Public Search Engine available on the Official Records Page or you can CLICK HERE to begin your search.

Pricing Structure

The fee structure will be as follows:

  • $25/year for the calendar year. (January – December)

Access to Official Records View may be obtained by executing the User Subscription Form (link provided below). The completed User Subscription Form must be submitted electronically or returned to the Recording Department (see location information below). Remittance of the yearly subscription fee will be required at this time.

The subscriber may remit the fee by cash, check (made payable to Brevard County Clerk of Courts), or credit card at any of our office locations, through the Research & Copy Request Center (RCRC) application, or by mail. Please note that credit card information will not be maintained by the Clerk and must be provided each time the subscription is renewed.

Once the User Subscription Form and payment have been received, an Official Records View account will be created, with a specific userid (Logon) and password within 2 business days. The subscriber will be notified via direct voice to voice contact and may then access Official Records View to begin viewing Official Records images.

New/Renewal User Subscription Form

Location and Contact Information for the Recording Department:

Recording Department
Parkway Complex, Bldg. B
Mail Stop 10C
Titusville, FL

Postal Address:
Brevard County Clerk of Courts
P.O. Box 2767
Titusville, FL 32781-2767
Phone: (321) 637-2004