Our office is aware of a recent mail scam from an entity named the “County Records Office” requesting $89 or more for copies of deeds recorded in the county’s Official Records.  Please note that the Clerk is in no way affiliated with this organization and copies of property records may be viewed online directly from the Clerk’s office or purchased for as little as $1 per page.

The Clerk provides images of property records back to 1981 free of charge on its website.  Copies of property records prior to this time may be obtained via telephone or by visiting any of our six branch locations.  In addition to obtaining deed information online, copies of property records may be purchased directly from the Clerk for $1 per page, with certified copies of property records being an additional $2 per document.  A customer requesting a certified copy of their two-page deed[1] from the Clerk would pay $2 for copying and $2 for certification for a total of $4. 

Customers with questions or concerns regarding mail scams for property records are urged to contact the Clerk’s office directly for more information.

Searching Property Records Online

To search property records back to 1981 online free of charge, simply visit the Clerk’s website at and select “Official Records” in the Public Records Search box on our homepage.  Citizens may search for many types of property records, such as mortgages, deeds, satisfactions, and certain court papers relating to real property.  Please be advised that certain images and pieces of data may be unavailable to the general public due to protections under Florida law.


Land Records Department

(321) 637-2004

[1] Copying fees may vary depending on the total number of pages associated with a specific property record.