Child Support & Alimony FAQ's

What is shared parental responsibility?
Both parents share the responsibility of making the challenging decisions of rearing children (education, discipline, religious upbringing, health care, etc.). Shared parental responsibility does not include the routine, day-to-day decisions made by the custodial parent. It is NOT the same as shared custody. Return to Top
I am already divorced and I am trying to MODIFY child support (alimony, visitation, etc). We went to mediation and signed an agreement that resolves the issues. Do I still have to go to a hearing?
You do not need to attend the hearing; however, you must confirm with the mediator that he/she will forward the Order to the Judge for signature. Please note: this applies to modifications only. Return to Top
If my spouse and I have a written agreement to stop child support, can I just file it and the support obligation will stop?
No. Your support obligation continues to accrue until there is an Order terminating your obligation. If you have a written agreement to stop child support (or change any other provision of your Judgment), you may submit the agreement along with an Order Approving the Agreement to the Judge. Return to Top
How do I enforce the collection of child support?
To enforce the collection of Child Support, you may contact an attorney or the Department of Revenue, Child Support Enforcement (850) 488-KIDS (5437) To enforce other terms of your Judgment, you may wish to consult with an attorney. Return to Top