Memorandum to Clerk Depositing Original Documents

The Clerk has created a fillable memorandum for all original documents required to be deposited with the Clerk by statute, rule or SC11-399 after a filer has submitted electronic versions through the statewide ePortal at  Filers should ONLY deposit the original version of documents that are required to be deposited in their original form with the Clerk.

Filers are able to fill in identifying information about the documents in the fillable .PDF memo, print the same and submit the memo with the indicated documents for deposit attached.  All fields outlined in red are required information; all other fields are optional.  As well, a filled-in version of this form may be saved to your desktop or other appropriate folder so that filers can keep a copy of the memorandum for record-keeping purposes.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our e-Filing Assistants today.

Click HERE to access the Memorandum.