Pro Se Information

The Family Pro Se Coordinator gives procedural information for contested, uncontested, simplified divorce matters, cases to establish paternity, custody (only between parents or temporary extended family custody), child support, visitation, step-parent adoptions, name changes, modifications, motions, summons, subpoenas, judicial hearings/trials and general magistrate hearings.

The Family Pro Se Coordinator does not give legal advice, tell a person what the law is, represent them in court, tell them how to testify in court, or tell what their rights are. Pro se parties can call the self help office (321-633-7780) to get information on what forms need to be completed, the next step in their case, to set an appointment to have the forms reviewed only to see if they are complete, to notarize the documents. There is no charge for this service.

Forms are distributed at a minimal fee by the Clerk of Court in the Titusville, Melbourne, Merritt Island, Palm Bay or Viera Courthouses, the Law Library at the Viera Courthouse or they can be downloaded from the Clerk’s website.

Pro se parties can call the Pro Se Coordinator to ask questions about the forms while completing them. Once the forms are completed an appointment can be made to have them reviewed. The coordinator makes sure all the necessary pleadings are completed properly, (she does not check wording for legality), notarizes the signatures, gives further procedural instructions and will even make copies if requested at fifteen cents a page.