Administrative Orders

June 2024

Date Title
6/6/24 24-28-B - Judicial Facilities -Jury Deliberation Restrooms Files

May 2024

Date Title
5/30/24 24-26 JUDGES - Distribution of Judge Benjamin B. Garagozlo's Pending Caseload Alphabetically to the Remaining County Criminal Judges Located at the Moore Justice Center Files
5/29/24 24-27-B - JUDGES - Caseload Assignment-Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Judge Benjamin B. Garagozlo Files
5/29/24 24-25-B CLERK OF COURT - Rescheduling of Traffic Infraction Hearings Files
5/29/24 24-24-S JUDGES - Caseload Assignment - Reassignment of Cases Assignment to Judge Melissa Souto Files
5/28/24 24-23 Administrative Orders- Rescinds Administrative Order 20-16 3rd AMD -Supersedes 20-16-3rd AMD Files
5/21/24 24-21-B JUDGES-Newly Filed Cases No Longer Assigned to Judge Benjamin b. Garagozlo Files
5/21/24 24-20-B CLERK OF COURT - Tobacco, Nicotine, Products and Vaping Violations Files
5/21/24 24-22-B _CLERK OF COURT -Rescheduling of Traffic Infraction Hearings Files
5/15/24 24-02 AMD - JUDGES - Appointment of County Court Judges to Handle Circuit cases in Certain Situations Supersedes 24-02 Files
5/15/24 24-07-B 2nd AMD - JUDGES - Temporary appointment of County Court Judge Aaron J. Peacock to Handle Circuit Felony Criminal Cases - Supersedes 24-07-B AMD Files
5/2/24 24-06-3rd AMD-Civil Case Management and Implementation of Civil Differentiated Case Management -Supersedes 24-06-2nd Amd Files

April 2024

Date Title
4/24/24 24-19 Administrative Orders - Rescinds Administrative Order 2020 - Supersedes 2020 Files
4/1/24 24-17-S JUDGES- Caseload Assignment-Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Judge Sylvia Grunor Files

March 2024

Date Title
3/27/24 24-18-B - Judges - Caseload Assignments _ Assignment of Felony Criminal Cases in The Circuit Court and County Criminal Cases for Brevard County, Florida. Supersedes 23-20-B 3rd AMD Files
3/26/24 24-16 - CRIMINAL - Bond Schedule for Brevard & Seminole Counties -Supersedes 18-21-B & 18-22-S AMD Files
3/24/24 24-03-S-2nd AMD - JUDGES Division and Case Assignments Files
3/21/24 24-15-B - Judges - Caeload Assignment - Reassignment of Cases Assigned to Magistrate Sandra E. Valentin Files
3/5/24 24-14 - Domestic Relations - Family Division - Model Family Court- Supersedes 23-16 Amd Files

February 2024

Date Title
2/27/24 24-13-B-JUDGES- Brevard Family division Reassignments Judge Robert Segal Files